Room Placement and Vaastushastra

While doing interior decoration one must keep in mind the orientation of the home, the directions of sunlight and wind. Vaastushastra identifies the five elements of Nature in a home in different directions. North-East has Water element, South-East has Fire element, South-West has Earth element, North-West has Wind element and the central part is assigned to Avakash or Ether. Each direction is in turn assigned with a ruling planet that further defines the direction's boons and bane. Mercury governs North, Jupiter and Ketu govern North-East, Sun is on the East, Venus governs South-East, Mars governs South, Rahu is assigned to the South-West, Saturn for West and Moon for North-West. The eight directions also have a presiding deity that defines the characteristic of that directions. The presiding deities are as follows: Kuber for North, Shiva and Brihaspati for North-East, Indra for East, Agni for South East, Yama for South, Shukracharya for South-West, Varuna for West and Vayu for North-West. Bramha is the presiding deity of the Center or Avakash. Thus if a home is arranged as per the directional suggestions of Vaastushastra, comfort and well being comes easily. Interior decoration then becomes a process based on laws of nature.

For instance living room seating should be arranged such that we sit facing North or East. North and East is the direction of mental clarity and for this reason work and study desks should be placed with the person facing East or North. North is the direction of Kubera and placing a living plant in this direction combined with a flowing water feature is a potent solution for financial prosperity. An aquarium is also suggested in the North. North-East is ruled by Brihaspati the Guru of Devatas and is the ideal zone for worship, meditation and activities of the mind. North-East is the direction where the head of the Vaastupurush rests and therefore this zone must be free from all heavy objects, plumbing etc.. A drop in the floor is permitted only in the North-East zone by Vaastushastra and therefore the garage must be in the North-East zone. Holy Basil or Tulsi is a good house plant to be kept in the North-East corner of the house. North East is also ideal for bedroom of elders in the family. A master bedroom must never be in the North-East zone. So also the North-East zone should never be chamfered, cut or diminished in any manner.

Kitchen is best located in the South-East zone with stove on the East wall to avail the incoming sunlight. South East is the ideal zone for creative functions such as a hobby room for an artist. Toilets, Bathrooms, Store rooms and Staircases must be confined to the South and West zones. South-West is the direction of strength, financial stability and vision. This is the zone of the Earth element. A Master bedroom should always be in the South-West direction. South West zone must be free of storage, staircase, bathrooms or garages. South-West zone is the most important zone for financial stability and a cut in this zone is reflected in the finances of the Owners.

North-West is ruled by Vayu respectively and is responsible for charcter of our mind and mental upkeep. North-West is ruled by Moon and Vayu and is the best direction for creative endeavors. An artist with a studio in this direction will produce works of great calibre. A conference room in this direction will yield out-of-the box solutions. A person living in this zone will be constantly on the move due to the influence of Vayu. North-West is also the second best zone for the Kitchen.

The central space of the house should be free from furniture and kept open and airy as much as possible. This is the sacred Brmhasthan where all the positive regenerating energies are present. Centre of the house is where the core or stomach of the Vaastupurush is located and it should not be weighed over with Staricases, Storage rooms, bathrooms etc. A weight over the Brhmasthan results in wastage of opportunities in a person's life.