Vaastushastra and Vedic Consultancy Services

Vaastushastra or Vedic Architecture is the science of creating habitable spaces that follow the laws of nature. The principles of Vedic Architecture are time tested and Universal in nature. They can be applied to any building be it a home, office, factory, retail or a hotel. We offer the following Vaastushastra services:

Site Visits to Your Residence or Work

Site visits include a walk-through of the building and documentation in the form of photographs and videos. During site visit, we make basic recommendations according to Vaastushastra principles. For Yantra installations a detailed Vaastu report is highly recommended. Yantras cannot be recommended during the site visit since their installation requires an indepth analysis of the building space which is not possible during the site visit.

Detailed Vaastu Analysis and Recommendations for Vedic Yantras and Rituals

A detailed Vaastu report includes room by room analysis of your building and suggestions for room layouts based on Vaastushastra principles. If the space does not conform to Vaastushastra principles, then Vedic Yantras are recommended for space-energy modifications. Faith appropriate rituals and prayers or mantras are also recommended for Owners to perform. We require a floor plan of the building. If you do not have the floor plans for the building, we can draw them for you for reasonable charges.

New Construction Based on Vedic Principles of Vaastushastra

New construction for a residence, hotel, retail or any other building type can be done by using the ancient Vedic principles of Vaastushastra and is a special expertise of Mansara Architecture. The best way to begin is to make an appointment with Aparna to discuss your project. Charges for new construction cannot be quoted here due to the variety in projects.