Working With Mansara Architecture

At Mansara Architecture we believe that:

1. Space is divine and should be treated with great care and respect. We believe that when we enclose the Space within floors, walls and ceilings the resulting enclosed Space should not only be functional and beautiful, but also nourishing.

2. We believe that Earth is a living entity and therefore should be tread upon lightly with a lean footprint and great reverence.

Our Story:
Mansara Architecture is a three year old company. It all started when Aparna was looking for a home for her family and wanted something that matched with the busy lifestyle of her family. She wanted a home that did not have the large boxy rooms devoid of character. Unfortunately there was nothing in the market that met her criteria as an architect.
There was a distinct lack of site-planning, lack of natural light and very poor orientation in almost all homes. Some homes which had some of these features had other problems. Also Aparna soon found out that a lot of un-necessary emphasis was given on cosmetic applications such as moldings, brackets, tray-ceilings, fake dormers which did not add to the quality of the space or the lifestyle of the home-owners. It seemed that all these features were added to impress guests and neighbors rather than enhance the comfort of the Owners. This event was a turning point and it eventually led to Aparna building her own home and starting her company Mansara Architecture in 2016. The sole intention was to create great spaces that are functional as well as beautiful without compromising the quality of space, materials and workmanship.

Practice areas:
Estate Homes
Medical Office Buildings
Religious Centers
Community Centers
Tilt-up Construction

Our list of clients is as follows:
Printer's Mark, Richmond, VA
Laxmi palace, Glen Allen VA
Holiday Inn, Chesterfield, VA
Springfield Rd. Residences, Glen Allen VA
Jain Society of Central Virginia, Henrico VA
Mehta Estate Home, Great Falls, VA
Dr. Nitin Patil, Glen Allen, VA.

Our Style:
Our signature style is organic contemporary architecture with emphasis on open floor plans, natural materials and ample daylight. Natural materials age with time and add to the timeless beauty of a building. Whereas artificial materials look good for some time, but as time passes on they begin to deteriorate, fade and loose their charm. We believe in the rule of quality and know that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone.

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Space is divine and should be treated with great care and respect.

Each year we accept a limited number of clients so that we can provide them with focused attention and personalized design services for their projects. Their goals become our goals and clients come to appreciate our detailed-oriented approach as they continue to work with us.

Before undertaking any project, we arrange for a brief meeting either personally or over the phone and conduct a Needs and Options Review for our clients. We call this as diagnosis before prescription. It is supremely important for us to know about our clients visions before taking them on board so that we know what to offer them in terms of design services. 

About Mansara Architecture:
Mansara Architecture is a boutique architecture firm in the Richmond region. What sets us apart is our expertise to incorporate the ancient principles of Vedic Architecture in our designs without compromising the modern lifestyle of 21st century.