We are passionate about buildings…old and new, existing and proposed, urban and rural. This portfolio gives a sampling of some completed projects, as well as projects in progress. Click on the project type you are interested in for both general information and specific examples.

Springfield Road Residences
The Site of Springfield Road Residences is rectangular in shape with gentle slope towards North-East. This slope facilitates the receptivity[...]
Chickahominy Medical Office Building
Chickahominy medical office Building was completed during tenure with nbj Architecture. The 7,1669 sq. ft facility was designed as a[...]
Hindu Center of Virginia
Hindu Center of Virginia is a Hindu Temple and a Community facility located in Glen Allen, VA. It is a[...]
Jain Center of Virginia
Jain Center of Virginia is a Jain Temple and community facility of 12,000 sq. ft. Having temple, classrooms, community hall,[...]