Vedic Architecture Consultancy:
Vedic Architecture is the ancient science of creating habitable spaces that follow the time tested principles of planning and design. This knowledge originated in ancient India and is based on the Universal Laws of Nature. The goal of Vedic Architecture is to create beautiful functional spaces that are in harmony with nature.

Some of the major criterias of design in Vedic Architecture is laid on site planning, cardinal orientation of buildings, strategic placement of fenestrations and space planning according to directions. Since the goal of Vedic architecture is to create wellbeing and harmony in the lives of the building occupants, we find that the modern passive and active methods of design are naturally achieved during the design development of a Vedic building.

In fact Vedic Architecture not only follows all the rules of green building design as we know today, but also goes a step further in directional space planning. The resultant space is very beautiful, functional and the building occupants experience a great sense of comfort and wellbeing in such spaces.

Design Build Services:
Mansara Architecture offers design-Build services to the local clients and within a travelling radii of 2 hours in and around Richmond region. Having an Architect as a General contractor on a project is a win-win situation for the client and the Architect because it saves time, effort and money for both the parties. The project administration becomes very easy and effective and the client has much more powers in a design-build process than the traditional bid-and-hire-a-general-contractor process. 

Some of the major benefits of design-build are as follows:

1. Total savings to the clients as much as 15%
2. Elimination of change-orders and thus elimination of cost overruns. A change order alone can add up to significant cost and considerable time is spent in processing them. A change order is eliminated with close coordination during the construction phase.
3. Close coordination of the project every step of the way alongside the project Architect.
4. Client participation in material selection, payment schedule and risk management during construction phase.
The benefits of design-build services are immense, but the most important benefit is the possibility of client participation during all stages of construction and having a complete knowledge about the project construction.

Code Analysis and Feasibility Studies:
During Code Analysis and Feasibility Studies every project that is accepted at Mansara Architecture undergoes a thorough research and evaluation for the Needs and Options of the client's criteria. This is our step where we present the feasibility of the project and cross check the client's project vision to estimate a rough project cost. This enables the clients in their risk management and planning. We explore the applicable codes, hold meetings with code officials, meet the members of architectural review board if need be or meet any other decision making authority to uncover project hurdles that may arise during the upcoming phases of design development, permit and construction administration.

A home is where the heart is and it is in our home that we create memories, celebrate our victories, raise families and break bread with friends and family during rites of passage. A home is not just walls, floors and ceilings decorated with artwork and fixed with latest gadgets, but a sacred place to unwind and rejuvenate. Your home should have a personality that matches with your personality and not anybody else's. During the residential design process we make sure that the home we design reflects the lifestyle of our clients. We follow the 'slow is fast' rule because we like to design homes deliberately with deep understanding of our client's needs. On all of our residential projects we work one on one with clients to pick materials and finishes that are natural and age beautifully. We provide 3D walkthroughs of our homes so that our clients get a crystal clear idea of the looks of their home and are able to make changes prior to going into construction. This is a huge benefit, because it avoids regrets about design decisions later on.

We provide full architectural services to our commercial clients from Design Development to Project Closeout. We also design-build for our clients in the local region of Richmond, VA. For clients outside of Richmond region and outside of Virgina, we participate in the Bidding and Negotiation phase to help choose a good general contractor for the project. We offer 3D walkthroughs of projects to our clients so that they can make a design choice of their liking before construction begins. We only use AIA contracts and work only with Class A General contractors. Vedic architectural services are available for all of our commercial projects.

Our stages of Project development include the following 5 phases as follows:
1. Feasibility Analysis
2. Design Development
3. Permit Drawings
4. Project Pricing
5. Construction Administration

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