Hindu Center of Virginia is a Hindu Temple and a Community facility located in Glen Allen, VA. It is a 20,654 sq. ft LEED-Gold certified building with classrooms in the basement.  Since this is a LEED certified Gold Building it has all the features typical of a green building such as bright daylit interiors, natural materials, waer saving fixtures, LED lights etc. However, the most interesting part of this Temple is it's Vedic style design and exterior decorations. Normally a Hindu Temple has a primary Shrine and secondary shrines, however due to space constraints there are multiple main shrines in this temple. To physically maintain the sanctity of each shrine as an individual temple, each sanctum or gabhara is designed as an individual stand-alone temple with seperate foundation that is independent of the rest of the building. The design of the inner mandapa reminds one of the courtyard style temples seen in Northern parts of India, with one main shrine surrounded by subsidiary shrines around a central open-to-sky courtyard.
*Completed while in employment with nbj Architecture.